Why You May Not Marry Your Soulmate...

Why You May Not Marry Your Soulmate...

Can a soulmate leave you? What is a soulmate? How do they compare to other 'soul connections'...? Why and when do they come into our lives?

Show notes

In this episode of 'Spirit Talks', I will be exploring the diversities of soulmate connections alongside a blogpost I've written: 'Why You May Not Marry Your Soulmate'.

The purpose of this episode, much like the original blog, is to paint a detailed picture of how many forms a soulmate can take in your lifetime. We will be exploring the basic definition of what a soulmate is and how that definition is translated in different contexts to aid us on our journey across our lifetimes.

TRIGGER WARNING! The following themes are briefly discussed:

  • Depression, anxiety, suicide

Main topics discussed: x What defines a soulmate connection? x Difference between a soulmate and twin flame? x Can you have more than one soulmate? x Can a soulmate leave you? x Why do soulmates come into our lives?

Viewer/Listener questions featured in this video (THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have submitted questions!): x How to understand Divine Connections better? x How to complete Shadow Work and healing? Does it ever end? x Spiritual Awakening vs. Ascension - What is the difference? x How to protect yourself from bad entities?

If you have a question or suggestion to offer, please visit my website here: https://www.thehermittarotshop.com/connect

Links: 'Why You May Not Marry Your Soulmate' Blogpost: https://www.thehermittarotshop.com/post/why-you-may-not-marry-your-soulmate The Hermit Tarot: https://linktr.ee/thehermittarot Zander Digital: https://li.sten.to/r6ceSx4

Deck Featured: Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland

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Lorraine Singe

Lorraine Singe

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