Our Stories of Manifestation & Surrendering To The Process

Our Stories of Manifestation & Surrendering To The Process

In this episode, The Hermit Tarot (Lorraine) & Zander Digital (Alex) discuss their stories of manifestation, how surrendering helped them along the way and what they've learned about the process.

Show notes

I've been able to achieve some remarkable things in my short 25 years of living and I do attribute my success to manifestation, a.k.a. Co-Creating with the Universe.

Manifestation to me is a process of raising your energetic vibration to match your desired reality, thus receiving what you desire.

Here is the abbreviated process and what I found works for me:

  • Setting clear intentions and a desired outcome (you must know what you want and what will make you happy)
  • Visualising myself in my desired outcome (this process includes daydreaming for me, and raises my present vibration to match how my desired outcome will make me feel, a.k.a. living as though I have already received my desired outcome)
  • Doing what I can to achieve my desired outcome (this step is VITAL! Manifestation is about co-creating with the Universe. It only works if you both contribute what you can)
  • Surrendering what I cannot achieve towards my desired outcome (this step can be tricky and will not translate to all situations equally. Surrendering is about being in-tune with the divine flow/order of things, accepting what you cannot control and focusing instead on what you can)
  • Celebrating my desired outcome when it arrives! (this is arguably the most important step, as it keeps your vibration high and shows the Universe that you are still open to receive more. Gratitude is the greatest power.)

In this episode, I am joined by Zander Digital, or as I know him: Mr. Alex! He is a talented individual who is living his dream life right now and continues to strive for more ahead. We will both be sharing our stories of manifestation, how surrendering was both difficult and extremely helpful along the way and what we've learned in general when it comes to achieving our successful, desired outcomes.

Language Translations: 'Wah' pronounced: w-uh(Kalaw Kawaw Ya language, adverb) = 'Yes' 'Yargar' pronounced: yuh-gaR(Kalaw Kawaw Ya language, verb) = to show sympathy; no direct english word translation 'Smol Boy Sense' pronounced: s-mole boy sense(Yumpla Tok/Creole language, adjective) = acting like a child 'Thalinga' pronounced: thuh-ling-uh(Yumpla Tok/Creole language, noun) = Ear

Links: "CNS" Song Mentioned In This Video: https://open.spotify.com/track/40HwpwtZ3UEYCRWTYfd3al?si=bf11dfc547074242 The Hermit Tarot - https://linktr.ee/thehermittarot Zander Digital: https://li.sten.to/r6ceSx4 TAROT STACK: https://www.tarotstack.com/?ref=THEHERMITTAROT BEAU LIFE (use code HERMIT10 for 10% off): https://www.beau-life.com

Decks Featured: Iris Oracle Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans https://www.tarotstack.com/collections/oracle-tarot-deck/products/iris-78-card-oracle-deck?ref=THEHERMITTAROT

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