Libra Season Reflections 2023

Libra Season Reflections 2023

This episode marks a turning point on the Spirit Talks show, where our host, Lorraine, summarises her Libra season by highlighting key moments and take away reflections.

Show notes

Happy Birthday to the father of The Hermit Tarot who celebrated his 56th birthday on October 25th 2023!

In this episode of Spirit Talks, Lorraine breaks down where she's been since you last heard from her and how she hopes to use a new format to produce more Spirit Talks content...

Key topics discussed are:

  • Pursuing humanity vs. spirituality
  • Recovering from previous 'tower moment'
  • Libra season's collective impact on society
  • A brief breakdown of the Australian politicial system (because why not?)
  • Reflecting on Libra season's impacts personally
  • Changing the relationship with myself & others
  • Purging flings & the return of the 'EX'
  • Turning into a 'hippie'
  • Libra's impacts on self esteem

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Love + Light

Disclaimer: the themes discussed in today's episode are for informal discussion and entertainment. Please seek professional advice where necessary.



Lorraine Singe

Lorraine Singe

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