Is It A Dark Night Of The Soul or Depression?

Is It A Dark Night Of The Soul or Depression?

This episode explores the similarities and differences between a dark night of the soul and depression, based on Lorraine's personal experiences.

Show notes

Today's episode will be exploring the spiritual concept, Dark Nights Of The Soul (DNOTS) and how this experience personally compares to other mental health conditions. As always, my aim of this episode is to offer you support and clarity by sharing my own individual experiences. There are triggering themes in this episode - Please do not hesitate to seek professional support/advice.

*Trigger Warning:

  • Mental Health is discussed frequently, specifically depression, anxiety and occassional references to suicide.

This episode will be breaking down my first experience of a DNOTS, including: x What is a DNOTS? x How does it start? What were my triggers? x What is it like? How similar and different is it to depression? x How did it help/change my life? x What was the aftermath of my DNOTS episode?

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Deck Featured: The Hermetic Tarot Deck by Godfrey Dowson

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Lorraine Singe

Lorraine Singe

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